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How To Make The Strongest Coffee

How To Make The Strongest Coffee

At High Voltage Coffee Co, we recognise the unparalleled allure of a robust cup of coffee to kickstart your day, acknowledging that preferences vary from person to person. This understanding fuels our dedication to exploring diverse brewing methods and honing the craft of crafting potent coffee. Throughout this blog, we aim to impart our insights and mastery on the foremost brewing techniques for achieving strength in coffee, alongside invaluable tips on crafting the utmost potent yet palatable brews.


Unlocking the Essence of Potent Coffee

Before we embark on exploring various brewing techniques, it's paramount to grasp the essence of "strength" in coffee. The potency of coffee is dictated by the proportion of coffee grounds to water. The greater the quantity of coffee grounds used, the stronger the resultant brew. This ratio, known as the "coffee-to-water ratio," fundamentally shapes the intensity of your cup. Generally, a ratio of 1:15 is considered robust, while 1:17 is deemed standard. However, individual preferences vary, influencing perception of strength.


Refining Strong Brews: Brewing Techniques

French Press

Among the time-honored brewing methods, the French Press stands out for its simplicity and efficacy in crafting a bold cup. To achieve an extra-strong brew, employ a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:12. Allow the coffee to steep for 4 minutes before pressing the plunger, yielding a robust and full-bodied outcome.


Another favoured method, pour-over coffee, offers a pathway to a potent cup. For a strong pour-over, adhere to a ratio of 1:15. Delicately pour hot water over the grounds, ensuring even saturation. This method yields a strong yet clear brew with a clean finish.

Moka Pot

Operating on a stovetop, the Moka pot leverages pressure to extract coffee from grounds, resulting in a bold and intense flavour profile. To brew a strong Moka pot coffee, opt for a ratio of 1:8. After brewing for a few minutes, serve for a robust coffee experience.


Renowned for its concentrated nature, espresso embodies strength in its essence. A classic espresso boasts a ratio of 1:2, though some may prefer slightly milder variations like 1:3, common in beverages like lattes. Extreme ratios risk bitterness, thus caution is advised.

Cold Brew

Despite its use of cold water and extended steeping, cold brew remains synonymous with strength. With a ratio of 1:4, it offers a potent and smooth alternative to traditional iced coffee.


Mastering Strength Pro Tips

Opt for Dark Roasts: Dark roast beans boast bold flavours and heightened caffeine content.

Embrace Coarse Grinds: Larger surface area facilitates enhanced extraction of flavour and caffeine.

Adjust Coffee-to-Water Ratio: Elevate strength with ratios like 1:13 or 1:12 for a robust brew.

Experiment with Steeping: Balance intensity by varying steeping time, avoiding bitterness.

Prioritise Fresh Roasts: Newly roasted beans retain peak flavour and caffeine levels.

Preheat Equipment: Ensure optimal brewing conditions for complete extraction and flavour.


With these insights, crafting a more flavourful cup of strong coffee becomes an artful endeavor. Remember, your journey to the perfect cup entails exploration, experimentation, and adaptation to individual preferences.


For those seeking an unparalleled coffee experience, our signature espresso blend at High Voltage Coffee Co, promises a journey to bold and intense flavours, satisfying even the most discerning palates.

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