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High Voltage Coffee™ Capsules

Nespresso compatible coffee capsules are here. Our High Voltage Coffee  capsules are  100% Eco-Friendly, compostable and biodegradable. Made in Australia

For serious coffee lovers. Dark roasted, smooth, undeniably strong and never bitter with an aftertaste that keeps you going!

⚡️Our premium beans are carefully selected & uniquely roasted to produce high quality, smooth tasting, strong coffee that hits hard.

    ⚡️We use the strongest combination of beans ethically and  sustainably sourced from rainforest alliance farmers, which are roasted here in Australia.

    ⚡️100% natural high-quality coffee beans, no artificial additives or ingredients.

    ⚡️High Voltage Coffee Nespresso Capsules are 100% compatible with Nespresso® original coffee machines.

    ⚡️High Voltage Coffee Nespresso Capsules are 100% compostable, meaning you can throw away the entire capsule and each part will break down completely in compost.


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