About - High Voltage Coffee Co.

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Our love for coffee runs deep and in 2018 we started the now famous High Voltage Coffee™ a family owned & operated business specialising in roasting and blending Australia's strongest premium gourmet coffee, which has now become Australia's favourite go to strong coffee, selling 1000's of kilo's weekly to coffee lovers, cafes and business's Australia wide. We’re passionate about the quality of our coffee, and we continue to oversee every aspect of our operations to ensure we are consistently providing the best coffee experience for everyone.
High Voltage Coffee is carefully crafted with a combination of the strongest premium quality coffee beans creating a unique roast that is super smooth, full-bodied, rich and packs a punch without the bitterness that is usually associated with high caffeine coffee brands. With a great aroma and energy boost to keep you going all day.

Created by a team of dedicated coffee nerds/roasters who have been in the game for over 20+ years and really know their coffee, it has taken our team months of hard work to perfect a unique roasting technique that allowed us to achieve our goal.

High Voltage Coffee™ is made by coffee lovers for coffee lovers. We strive for the best tasting and highest quality beans in every bag of High Voltage Coffee™.
At High Voltage Coffee™ we routinely test our products to ensure the highest standards and quality are continually met in every batch.
Our coffee has been tested by the DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND SCIENCE | NATIONAL MEASURE INSTITUTE AUSTRALIA, and contains 1150mg of caffeine per cup (please note this amount can slightly vary depending on your brewing methods) this makes our coffee the strongest coffee currently in Australia.
Whether you need an extreme energy boost for your mornings or night shifts, or just like a great tasting strong coffee, High Voltage Coffee™ has you covered and works faster than any energy drink without the sugar, we believe that life is all about taking risks and pushing yourself to the limit. And our brand is a reflection of that philosophy. 
If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help with online support 24/7.