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How To Make Easy Cold Brew Coffee

How To Make Easy Cold Brew Coffee

Here's a quick recipe for making full-flavoured cold brew coffee at home, and you really don't need anything fancy, just time and a large jug or container, really that's it.

This method will make 1 Litre

  1. Setting up - You’ll need a jug or container that’s going to be a bit larger than the amount of coffee that you want to make and a way to filter the liquid once you’re done.

  2. Grind 80g-100g of High Voltage Coffee -  The grind has to be similar to grinding for pour-over or filter, which is the size of coarse sand.

  3. Add the coffee to 1-litre water and mix it up - Stir it all up good so all the coffee is wet.

  4. Wait - Usually, for cold brew coffee, we need to let it sit for 8-10 hours. But you can experiment and find the length that works for you.

  5. Filter the grounds out of your brew - Any type of coffee filter will do fine. Pour slowly, and replace the filter paper if it gets too full.

  6. You're done - Just add ice and enjoy! You can store your cold brew in the fridge using a bottle. Keep for approx 4-8 days depending on the freshness of the beans.

Scale Up or Down. Scale up or down easily, but stick to the ratio of 8:100 of coffee to water. Wait time is still the same, 8-10 hours.

Want to add milk to your cold brew? You can top up your brew with milk. But keep in mind adding milk changes the flavour and dulls a lot of the flavour in filter-roasted coffee beans.

Never drink weak cold brew again. Make a tray of ice blocks using cold brew, this way you can have extra cold brew without water diluting and weakening your beverage.

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