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5 Beauty Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

5 Beauty Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

You drink coffee for the eye opening caffeine hit, rich aroma, and comforting warmth. But don’t throw away those used coffee grounds! You can use them in your beauty routine, they are a great in DIY beauty treatments.

Also, you’ll save money on store-bought beauty products, all while recycling the otherwise wasted coffee grounds, win win!

1. Exfoliate And Scrub

Used coffee grounds make a fantastic facial exfoliant, gently scrubbing off dead skin cells to reveal fresh, healthy looking skin.

2. Combat Cellulite

Cellulite is caused by genetics, and, once it forms, it’s there to stay. However, the caffeine in coffee grounds enhances fat metabolism and increases circulation, with the possibly of reducing the appearance of cellulite. With the exfoliating properties making your skin soft and smooth!

3. Shiny, Smooth Hair

The exfoliating and stimulating effects of coffee can be applied to your hair too! Mix used coffee grounds with your conditioner and gently scrub your scalp for a few minutes. The caffeine will help stimulate new hair growth! Do this once a week.

4. Boost Hair Color

Soaking hair in coffee or scrubbing it with grounds can deepen light brown or dark blonde hair colour,  add highlights to darker brunette hair, and give all hair colorus incredible shine. Additionally, soaking skin in coffee leftovers can give the appearance of a healthy glowing tan without the sun damage. A coffee bath? How good is that.

5. Make A Mask

Caffeine can perk up dull looking skin when you use your coffee grounds as a facial mask! Try this while relaxing with your favourite book and a cup of joe.

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