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Keep It Fresh - Keeping Your Coffee Beans Fresh longer.

Keep It Fresh - Keeping Your Coffee Beans Fresh longer.

What Are the Biggest Enemies of the Coffee Bean?
Be careful: There are many elements that can destroy your coffee beans. Here's what you should worry about:

When roasted coffee beans meet air, their flavours and aromas deteriorate due to oxidation.

The amount of ultraviolet radiation contained in sunlight and especially indoor lighting degrades the fats, vitamins, and proteins in the beans, ultimately leading to staling.

These warm environments increase the molecular motion of the beans, which ultimately causes them to break apart and lose their flavor.

Moisture or condensation may affect the roasted beans almost instantly since it creates a lot of changes to bring down the quality of your coffee.


What Do Freshly Roasted Beans Look Like?
Freshly roasted coffee beans will be shiny and glossy as the oils have risen to the surface. Over time, these beans will appear duller as the oils and aromatic compounds dry.

How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?
Unroasted beans can retain their flavours for at least a year if kept in a sealed or vacuum-packed bag.

Roasted Beans
Basically, roasted beans begin to deteriorate a week or so from their roast date unless they're stored properly. If treated well, they'll easily stay fresh for over a month. For the best flavour from your daily cup, grind beans just before brewing.

How to Keep Coffee Beans Fresh for Longer
CSV Follow these tips to extend the freshness of your coffee beans:
Choose a cool, dark, dry place: Store beans in a pantry or cupboard.
Avoid hot spots: Keep them away from ovens or cupboards that are in direct sunlight.

Avoid damp environments: Do not store near sinks or kettles.
Store in an airtight, opaque container: If storing on the counter, make sure the container will seal tightly and is away from heat and light.
Buy in whole beans: Buy in small amounts and as freshly roasted as possible.
Should You Store Coffee Beans in the Refrigerator?
It's not advisable to store coffee beans in the refrigerator. As stated earlier, coffee picks up the flavour of other foods with strong odours, and it's also prone to condensation, which degrades the quality.

Does Freezing Coffee Beans Keep Them Fresh?
Some disagree, but if you do choose to freeze your beans, know that freezing is best done in small portions. Store them in airtight containers and once opened, only do so when the beans have completely thawed out, ensuring no condensation. When thawed to room temperature, grind and immediately brew.

The Best Containers for Storing Coffee Beans
Store coffee beans in a gas-tight container, dark in colour, made of glass, ceramic, or non-reactive metal. Containers specifically designed for storing coffee that remove air by push or twist action help increase shelf life further.

Pretty Coffee Beans
While necklaces aren't the only tastefully packaged items which contain coffee beans inside, steer clear of clear or glass containers because the product inside can be impacted by light.


Tip for Ground Coffee
Ground coffee oxidises at a faster rate, since it is exposed to atmosphere because of its maximised surface area. Buy in smaller amounts and heed the above storage tips to keep it fresh for up to 10 days. Handle it with care to enjoy at its best.

Keep your coffee beans fresh by keeping them away from air, light, heat, and moistness. Store them correctly in the right containers so that you can enjoy the best cup every time.
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