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Light And Dark Roast Myths

Light And Dark Roast Myths

For most of us, enjoying a cup of coffee is involves getting that hit of caffeine through our veins to wake us up every morning and keep us going through the day. But are you drinking the right roast to maximize your caffeine consumption? Maybe.

There's a misconception that a darker roast has more caffeine than lighter roast just because it's darker. Others believe that a lighter roast has more caffeine than the darker roast because most the caffeine is lost from the coffee beans while they are roasted. Well, both are completely wrong because all roast levels of the same bean have the same amount of caffeine. The caffeine in the bean is actually stable during roasting. The effects of roasting on caffeine are so minimal and can only be observed in a laboratory. 

Light roast or dark roast, will get you equally caffeinated. Unless, you're drinking a different species.

There are two popular coffee species that are cultivated in the world, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is more expensive and tastier. Robusta is harsher and cheaper. But Robusta generally has more caffeine.

Your average cup of Robusta coffee (12 oz.) could contain anywhere between 230 to 800 milligrams. And your average cup of Arabica (12 oz.) can contain anywhere between 80 and 580 milligrams about half the caffeine content of the Robusta.

So a lighter roast has a brighter flavor and is more acidic, and a darker roast is smoother. So don't judge a coffee beans caffeine content just from its roast level.

High Voltage Coffee offers the best of both worlds with a perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta. 

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